The Hounds of Heaven, Irish Wolfhounds -Presidents' Day Litter - month 9

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DSC_0181_edited-1 (28K)
Rhianon, "I'm hiding and you can't see me."
DSC_0232_edited-1 (16K)
Donegan (left) and Zephan
2005-10-01-all-dogs_edited- (54K)
Ruan, Cuilke, and Ciara-Maeve (Valentine litter)
with their older brother Captain in the North Woods
DCP01030 (27K)
Granuaile with her older sister, Indie, in Ohio.
DCP01038 (29K)
Granuaile and Indie considering, "Its a dog's life."
Look.073105 (26K)
Roisin and Ruairi
Play1.073105 (17K)
Roisin and Ruairi, "ha ! I got you."
Rest2.073105 (21K)
Roisin and Ruairi, resting
Sleep.082005 (36K)
Roisin and Ruairi, It is a dog's life

We have taken the liberty of including some pictures of
the other dogs at the Hounds of Heaven

DSC_0348_edited-1 (19K)

Fall arrives. Liam
DSC_0214_edited-1 (19K)

DSC_0212_edited-1 (30K)
Paddy seems to spend most of his time
in the air.
DSC_0297 (15K)
Alana finds Aoife to be a nice pillow
DSC_0336_edited-1 (21K)
DSC_0338_edited-1 (40K)
Almost nine year old Carina, still a Monster.
DSC_0345_edited-1 (21K)
Seven year old Ian, slower, but full of energy.

9 months old and still growing !

As they have grown older their weights have diverged. We now have a group of boys at 140-150 pounds, a group of girls at 117-122 pounds and two girls at 90 pounds.

weight_chart (9K)

Amazing, isn't it ?

DSC_0226_edited-1 (21K)

If Finian (in back) weighs 150 pounds at 9 months, what will he weigh at 3 years ?
Carey (in front) weighs 144 pounds at 9 months.

In addition to spending their exercise time running, they are practicing for hunting wolves,
DSC_0243_edited-1 (36K)
Finian (left) and Carey.

Myrna gives wolf hunting classes to her girls.
DSC_0299_edited-1 (24K)

We were blessed with a weekend visit from Tiernan, who takes the cutest pictures:
DSC_0248_edited-1 (29K)

DSC_0254_edited-1 (25K)
"Who, me, cute !?"

DSC_0281 (20K)

Running with sticks seems to be a major way of having fun, even if the teacher says that they shouldn't do it.

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DSC_0322_edited-1 (25K)

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