Presidents' Day Litter - Week 1

Myrna, the mom Her page
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Liam, the dad His page

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Copyright 2005, W. Schultz, DVM and J. Schultz
We were prepared for a litter of 10 puppies, because that was the vet's best estimate from the "counting x-ray" last Monday.  She went into labor 4 days early and there was an immediate prblem with the first puppy that led to an emergency C-section and the delivery of 15 more puppies, of which 14 survived 24 hours.
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Copyright 2005, W. Schultz, DVM and J. Schultz

a picture of one half of the litter
     Half the litter having lunch and an snooze

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We are feeding them in two shifts of 7, rotating them every 2 hours. Did someone say "sleep" ? Luckily we have assistance from Jenny
As with all Irish Wolfhound litters someone needs to be awake (and alert is good, but not always possible) to rotate the puppies and/or help mom get positioned to feed without accidently laying on a puppy.
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Mom is always on alert.......
(the red cast is from the heat lamp)
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    except when she is not.

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