The Hounds of Heaven, Irish Wolfhounds -Presidents' Day Litter - week 6

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Bigger and BIGGER !
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Let's see, do I play with it
or sleep on it.
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Sleep !
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"wanna fight ?"
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Then sleep

Week 6

Grow, Develop, and have fun is the week's theme. This week the puppies got their collars and went outside for the first time. DCP_2645_edited-1 (19K)

"You go first"
DCP_2661 (17K)
"No ! You go first"
DCP_2655 (14K)
"It smells funny out here"
DCP_2656 (11K)
"Wow, look at that !"
<DCP_2663_edited-1 (11K)
"That is cold" (ice)

The puppies get experience with another surface, gravel.

DCP_2676_edited-1 (19K)

DCP_2665_edited-1 (22K)
They now have experience with Polartec and artificial fleece (fabrics), textured vinyl, rubber, paper, and gravel. When it warms up a bit more they will be allowed out to run on grass. At about week 8 we will let them experience concrete and blacktop as they go on field trips to one of our favorite socializing places, Home Depot. They have met a few selected strangers and this will increase over the next few weeks.

They continue to grow, now adding about 1/3 to 1/2 pound a day to their weight. They are now learning to run. Needless to say, they are continuing to produce prodigious piles of poop and plentiful ponds of pee.

Oh yes, Deborah got well.

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