The Hounds of Heaven, Irish Wolfhounds -Presidents' Day Litter - 15 Months

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People ask us how we keep the dogs in good shape and well muscled.

Finian_Riona_wide (800 x 303) (49K)
Finian chasing Riona

We could lie and say we run with them every day, but no one that has seen Bill at a dog show would believe that.
The secret is twice daily running in carefully selected and well supervised pairs.

All is well with the hounds of the Presidents' Day litter as they pass their 15 month anniversary. Enjoy the pictures.

Finian_Riona-wolf-hound---P (40K)
Finian and Riona after showing at the Kalamazoo dog show.
Hose1.050106 (67K)
Roisin and Ruairi
Keeva_flying (400 x 293) (23K)
Keeva flying (note how her shadow can
barely keep up with her.)
Ruairi_Hazel-1 (111K)
Hazel and Ruairi
Tub.050506 (37K)
Oh, the indignity of it.
(name withheld)
Rhianon_Finian_Leave_me_alone-1 (158K)
Rhianon, resting
Rhianon_Finian_Leave_me_alone-2 (128K)
Finian, "Want to play some more ?"
Rhianon_Finian_Leave_me_alone-3 (139K)
Rhianon, "Get lost buster !"
Finian-1 (171K)
Finian, "I am so a sensitive guy"
Rhianon_flying-1 (103K)
Rhianon Flying
Granuaile_Indie-1 (120K)
Granuaile (on the right) with mom and older sister Indie.
Roisin_smiling-1 (123K)
weights_at_15_months-small (6K)

Riona_Zephan_looking-1 (600 x 496) (57K)
Riona and Zephan looking far into the distance
(that is why they are sighthounds)
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