Here is a listing of the "News" from the Hounds of Heaven.               Here is the Picture of the Day

Newsletter dateContent (more or less)
November, 2000Ian Arrives !
August, 2003Sunday, the Livonia Kennel Club show - Liam Finishes
September, 2003A new puppy, Myrna
Christmas, 2003Merry Christmas from the Hounds of Heaven
January, 2004Alana Finishes
January, 2004Fionna's Tenth Birthday
May, 2004Sad News
September, 2004General Update
Christmas, 2004Christmas Card and the year in review
January 21, 2005Happy BOOFDAY to Carina on her 8th Birthday
February 18, 2005Announcing the President's Day Litter, 2005
January 21, 2005Happy BOOFDAY to Carina on her 8th Birthday
January 21, 2006Happy BOOFDAY to Carina on her 9th Birthday
June 26, 2006Phille Finishes her championship
July 27, 2006Happy BOOFDAY to Ian on his 8th Birthday
February 16, 2007Happy BOOFDAY the Valentine Litter on their 6th Birthday
July 27, 2007Happy BOOFDAY to Ian on his 9th Birthday
August 12, 2007Rally Obedience
September 2, 2007Finian Finishes his Championship.
Christmas 2007The Hounds of Heaven version of the Annunciation story.
July, 2008Magical Zephan
July 18, 2008Presidents' are 3
May, 2008Remembering Ian
New Years, 20092008 in Review
February 2010 Birthdays !
February, 2011Birthdays, Liam is 10 !