The Hounds of Heaven, Irish Wolfhounds -Presidents' Day Litter - week 3

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Oh look !, a standing pooper !
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"Hey, there is a world out there."
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So quiet, so calm,
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for such a brief time.
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Play fighting.
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Sometimes a mom just
needs some time for herself

Week 3

Some people are so easy to please."Oh Look, a standing pooper !" was heard from the whelping room. The delight in their every accomplishment as they grow and develop day to day is part of what makes this worthwhile.


Week 3 began with the discovery that Myrna had developed mastitis. Does it never end ?? The infection is small and just means that we need to add hot/cold packs to that teat 6 times a day. The milk is still good and we want to avoid antibiotics if possible until the puppies are weaned.DCP_2322 copy (12K)

By day 3 the mastitis lump is noticeably smaller, hooray !
The puppy with the umbilical infection is fully healed and never did get diarrhea from the antibiotic, hooray !

On the other hand, the puppies are about to be able to crawl out of the bassinet. DCP_2357 (15K)
There is never a dull day around here.

Week 3, Day 6

The puppies are developing at a remarkable rate. We have introduced them to baby cereal which they love to eat and wear.
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The week in review

Nothing went seriously wrong, most things went seriously right. The mastitis is under control with hot packs/cold packs. The puppies can now go two hours without a feeding so the person who is in charge can sneak a nap between feedings.
All is right with the world (knock on wood for luck).

The Magic Liver Elixer

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