They arrived a bit late, but what a Valentine's Day present! This first picture of the litter was taken when they were 4 hours old. The puppies were under the heat lamps, so they look somewhat darker and pinker than they would appear in daylight! Generally, puppy coats will lighten in color as they get older.

The "collars" are rick-rack that we use to help keep track of which puppy is which, especially when we weigh them (which was every twelve hours in the beginning!)

The Weekly Journal:

Note: These pages have been created so that you can follow the progress of the litter, the mom, and the humans involved. You cannot get a puppy from us unless we get to know you and have a puppy that would be suitable for your desires, needs, and lifestyle. If you are interested in obtaining an Irish Wolfhound puppy, take this link to a form that will give you the names of Irish Wolfhound Club of America rescue contacts in your state or to the Irish Wolfhound Club of America and look up club contacts in your state or send us a message. Note: we do not place our dogs further from us than we can drive in one day (from Lansing, Michigan zip: 48933) Look up driving directions/time with Yahoo